Napa Luxury Homes

People from around the world recognize California’s Napa Valley as a wonderland of world-class wineries, vineyards, and restaurants. Those seeking to claim a piece of this unique area want high quality homes, meticulously finished, and move-in ready.

When flipping and building luxury spec homes, developers must recognize the importance of keeping pace with a continuous evolving local market. Our team understands this local focus because many of us are locals. Buyers benefit from ROIPG’s building experience, meticulous research into the latest trends, and a flare for bringing exciting personalization to unique homes in original ways. Few buyers are able to visualize how a property will look with furniture. This is why we stage our homes to dramatically increase the perceived beauty and value of each property.

Unique luxury spec home projects typically have projected timeframes of 18-24 months. Lot sizes range from 1/2 to 3+ acres with home sizes of 3,000 to 7,000 square feet and a targeted sales price between $3M to $8.5M. Investors can expect projected returns on these homes of 17% per year.


Projected IRR:  17%

Projected ROI: 38%

Time Frame: 2 Years