Real Estate Software Built For Investors By Investors. 

The internet age has changed real estate investing. Today’s investors are a savvy bunch. With online tools they are able to scout markets, research demographics, and view property details. You can even drive by or fly over a property to get a feel for the neighborhood, all without getting up up from your desk or getting out of your pajamas.

But spreadsheets are still a thing. You still need a place to gather and analyze all of the data you gather. Property analysis is still time consuming, and sometimes frustrating, and it definitely isn’t seamless. What if there was a place you could go, one set of tools you could use the would that would make data gathering quick and analysis easy? If it were really fast and simple, would you call it cheating?

We wouldn’t! We’d call it Housefolios! Finally, there is one place to go, one service that brings together the tools you need, the data you need, and the resources you need to find property opportunities that fit your strategy and your portfolio and then access the lenders and legal teams you need to make your deals come together.

Housefolios is a seamless online toolset that you can access from your computer, tablet, or phone. Because real estate investors designed Housefolios, it is built the way investors work.

Isn’t it time you had a single website to use that integrates the features you need as a real estate investor?

We think so, too. HouseFolios: Analyze Smart! Analyze Easy. Real Estate Software Built by Investors for Investors!


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